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Before Closing

Make sure LAND TITLE is written in the contract as your settlement services provider.
Provide Title Company with Settlement Information:

  • Copy of the Real Estate Contract Name/
  • phone number of Mortgage CompanyName/
  • phone number of Loan Officer
  • Your current address (for pre-settlement correspondence with the title company)


  • Obtain necessary insurance coverage.
  • For properties other than condominiums, you must have an original homeowner’s insurance policy at settlement with a paid receipt for the first year’s premium.
  • The dwelling coverage must be at least the loan amount. Contact the lender for specific requirements.
  • Verify All Lender’s Requirements Have Been Met
  • Check with your loan officer or lender representative and verify that the lender has all requirements on hand.
  • Determine Amount of Funds Necessary to Complete Closing


  • Contact utility companies
  • You will need to make sure that all utility companies are aware that you will be the new property owner as of the date of settlement.